Painting Deception Book - Brian Hebbel

Painting Deception 
Paperback -  March 25, 2018

What's your legacy? Put your feet in the sand and contemplate your legacy as you read this funny, humorous and heavy-hearted novel. On the beach you'll be laughing and crying between the changing of the tides. Take a trip with the main character and begin to contemplate what you and Lily Clarke will leave behind. Lily Clarke is the elderly mother of three dysfunctional and distant daughters. She makes life altering discoveries regarding her new found wealth and other dark secrets, after she receives a diagnosis that she has a terminal illness. 
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How to Market & Sell to the U.S. Government book by Brian Hebbel

How to Market and Sell to the U.S. Government A View from the Inside 
Paperback - 
 April 2, 2015

This book is intended to help both new and experienced federal contractors win contracts. Whether you are brand new or experienced in this field, you will find that you require certain tools and techniques to effectively market and sell to the federal government. I will describe the best practices you need to gain knowledge, gather information and develop relationships. These three areas are the keys to your Federal contracting success.
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Mr. Hebbel holds a Masters Degree in National Security Strategy from the Industrial College of the Armed Forces. He is also the Treasurer of the National Contract Management Association Woodlawn Chapter.


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